THE SCIENCE BEHIND SUCCESSFUL HIRING  uses the same rock-hard Behavioral Science Fortune 500 companies rely on.
Delivered simply, without the Fortune 500 price tag.

Industrial psychology and behavioral science are a ‘mature’ body of knowledge. The models that have been in use for more than three decades are tried and true, and the vast majority of the assessment products in the marketplace today are built on the ‘Big Five’ personality traits – Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Stability and Openness.

Eyeployment is different, in three important ways…



First, we have taken those five traits as our foundation, and added twenty more to help you get a real sense of the individual. This allows us to present you with a much more complete image of the whole person.



Second, the biggest complaint about assessment products is that they take so long.  Each job requires a very different set of traits for the person to be successful… so we designed a patented process that only serves up questions related to the most important traits in any one job. It saves you and your candidates time… and gets you just the information you need. Also, eyeployment service seamlessly integrates with allowing one click posting to Indeed for free!



Third, we believe that everyone is better served with better insight into fit. The practice wins, the owner wins and the employee is better off also. The assessment marketplace is confusing today – there are lots of inexpensive tools out there that are mostly garbage, and the decent tools are too expensive to use with all your candidates. It was time to shake things up. Time to make this information available to everyone, affordably!

We Measure What Matters

We help you make better choices, by collecting better information about the things that matter most and are most predictive of success.  There are three levels of questions that need to be answered, and the résumé barely gets at the first:

•    CAN this person do the job? – skills, education, availability… collected in the online application form
•    HOW will this person do the job? – based on their personal traits and characteristics, are they a good fit for this particular job?
•    WILL this person do the job, and WHY? – standards, attitudes, values… is this person a good fit for the environment here?


There is an assessment component to the application process, that is deeply rooted in some very advanced science. Because of the way TalentSorter has been designed, it is able to compare the personality traits and other attributes of an individual to those of people who have been high performers in a given role, and generate a FitScore™ that is a very accurate predictor of success.

How is this person likely to approach their work?






How is this person likely to interact with others?







How is this person likely to embrace change?





How is this person likely to behave as an individual?







How is this person likely to weather challenge and adversity?






As mentioned above, because of the way the Eyeployment has been designed, it is able to compare the personality traits and other attributes of an individual to those of people who have been high performers in a given role, and generate a FitScore™ that is a very accurate predictor of success.

You should know that the science this is built on has been evolving for more than 30 years, and it is rock-solid. The methodology has been thoroughly tested and validated in the eye care field, to make sure there’s no hidden bias on the basis of ethnicity, gender or age.

We’d never claim it’s 100% accurate 100% of the time – that’s impossible, and there are way too many other variables involved. That’s why we only present it as a reference point, no more than a third of the total picture above.  But it sure does improve the odds of making a better decision, for both the company and the individual.

The FitScore™ is a great tool to help you set priorities. And in many ways, it’s just a reference point.

As an employer, I welcome the ability to prioritize my candidate list in a reliable way, so that I can invest my time first with those candidates who have the greatest likelihood of success. It just makes so much sense – and prioritizing based on FitScore™ is a whole lot more logical than relying on keywords and Boolean searches through résumé databases!

And even so, there’s no substitute for a good interview. We can generate interview guides for you, based on the unique relationship between each candidate and the job itself, or you can go it alone if you are confident in your interviewing skills. Think of the interview as an opportunity to dive below the FitScore™, to explore their likely fit with the manager, the work, the people they will be spending their day with, and the unique culture of the company and the department they’ll be in. Probe to get a sense of their standards, their attitudes, and their values in the areas that will matter most to their success.

We often hear from our clients that because our approach leads with “fit first”, they quickly start finding themselves in great conversations with folks who are a GREAT fit for their organization, but who they would never have looked at in a million years on the basis of their résumé.

If the fit’s right but there’s a gap in experience or a skill that’s missing, those can often be taught quickly in the onboarding process or the first 90 days.

If the fit’s not right… nothing else matters.