Eyeployment provides you with powerful reports. They are just a click away, conveniently available to you from wherever you are working in the system.

Here’s a quick overview of each report; you can download samples below:

NEW! The Career Planning Report (CPR) provides a comprehensive view of who you are. And its absolutely free until August 31. Take a 20 minute online test to help you decide which  career path best suits the true you. The CPR points you to the job that best suits your unique attitudes, personality and tendencies. Fully confidential.

The Interview Guide is exactly that!  It takes what we know about the candidate in relation the the job, and generates a suggested interview protocol, helping you focus the conversation and get to what matters most, quickly. You’ll interview like you have X-Ray vision, seeing the real candidate.

The Job Fit Report provides you with a detailed comparison of the candidate, projecting them into the role. You will see at a glance where they are on target compared to the ‘Ideal Candidate’, and where they are off target… and the easy-to-read comments will give you clear insights into how the person will likely perform day-to-day.