1. Candidate Applies for a Position at Your Practice

Eyeployment has identified traits most critical to success for jobs in the eye care industry and created a custom assessment for that specific role that prescreens candidates for you. In minutes you’re ready to post and share your position; on, Facebook, by email and/or on your practice website.

2.  Eyeployment Assesses Each Candidate & Assigns a FitScore™

With each application, patented science is used to calculate a “Fit to the Job”  FitScore™ out of 100 for every candidate. The higher the score the better the likely “fit”. The FitScore™ method has been validated in thousands of jobs, including all jobs found commonly within an eye care practice.

3. Interview Candidates Starting from the Highest FitScore™

You’ll receive detailed analysis for each candidate, including an Interview Guide that’ll tell you exactly what to ask each candidate. All in plain language, with nothing for hiring managers to guess at. We help them see the real person behind the résumé.